Access Pass

Have you got your Access Pass?

Sharing Our Solutions™ is a members-only event and showcase, therefore you must become a member to qualify for an Access Pass if you want to attend one of more of our events.

There are Four Types of Access that you may request and qualify for:

  • Phone Access
  • Phone & Web Access
  • Phone & Web & Live Access
  • Phone & Web & Live Access & Replays

Each Types of Access may be validated for a certain period:

  • One Hour
  • One Day
  • One Week
  • One Month
  • One Quarter
  • One Year
  • One Decade
  • One Lifetime

V.I.P. Access Pass

There is an additional level of access which is called V.I.P. Access and through which we provide training and development.

V.I.P.s are people who are becoming Very Influential Partners & Very Integrous Partners.

Training & Development is provided during weekends, and more information can be found via your referring member, relationship manager or ambassador.

Arthur C Clarke

Please Note: In line with our philanthropic goals and intentions and thanks to our sponsors, members and partners you can get access to basic information for FREE via this website and the associated links here at