Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship

It has never been more important to understand and master The Basics™.

The Basics™ relating to business and entrepreneurship are clearly not understood by a large percentage of the population, who for hundreds of years have relied on “JOBs”.

It’s clear that most people are not thriving and abundant financially.

Recent global changes, technology, and the impact of regulations to ensure our safety health wise, mean that right now one of the most pressing problems for a huge percentage of the population is to learn how to earn – and how to do so from home.

These are some resources to help spark the conversation and provide you with an access to solutions.

Definition Of Entrepreneurship –

The bad news: even in “normal times” many people and businesses will go out of business, and as a result in these unusual times many more peoples “plans” will fail.

How long could you operate with your current financial savings? 12 months? 6 months? 3 months?

People will need to make challenging choices and decisions.

They will need to Pause Stop Reset™.
Pausing some things, Stopping other things, and Resetting others.

THE Entrepreneurs Revolution™

Jim Rohn The Ant Philosophy

Master The Mindset™

You can learn more about Jim Rohn and find more videos at and also here

Business & Entrepreneurship Training

There are many people who are focussed on making a difference to people in the area of business, sales and entrepreneurship.

These are just a few you may resonate with.

Grant Cardone University

Entrepreneur Revolution

DigitalMarketer is Making Its Lab Membership Free for (at Least) the Month of March For All Businesses and Marketers Impacted By COVID-19

Growing with Paid Advertising

Please note: your circumstances are unique and these links and resources clearly do not represent professional accounting or business advice.

The Strategic Alchemist™